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“Somehow in the female world cutting yourself down is the only acceptable response to a compliment.” ~ Hayley DiMarco, Mean Girls All Grown Up, page 31

This is a sensitive subject, and it’s not my intention to offend anyone or minimize the very real struggle many women face in this media-saturated world.  But it’s something I’ve struggled with for some time.  When women get together, there is a temptation to talk about what’s wrong with their bodies.  I realize that this is a legitimate struggle for a lot of people.  I know how it feels to think that in the physical sense, you just don’t measure up to what’s really beautiful or skinny.  And the self-deprication doesn’t have to be in response to a  compliment.  It can just happen, because we spend a lot of time thinking about our “fatness”, and we want to share and vent these negative feelings with other women.  But sometimes I think it can go too far, and the negative becomes the focus of our thoughts and conversations.   During such conversations, I often feel the need to find the positive, to encourage others and shed light on their beautiful qualities.  It’s a delicate balance; authentically listening to a friend’s struggles in this area, while at the same time trying to steer them toward what to be grateful for.  I suppose that’s a big reason I started writing this blog.  I want to encourage women to be grateful for how God has created them, but I’m not sure how to do it.  I really think we could change this cultural blindspot if we collectively change our thinking and refuse to be brainwashed by what’s expected of us.  One way I’ve been applying this is by thanking God for how he made me…for the fact that I am very healthy and haven’t had any serious physical problems(so far!), I can run, I can eat any food I want without getting sick, I can see and hear…okay, you get the picture.  Perhaps you could try it, too.  And day by day, as you express thankfulness for your amazing qualities, you’ll start to see them more clearly.


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No More Diets!

 Check out yet another link to see more reasons to stop dieting: 


So…dieting doesn’t work in the long term, it just messes up healthy eating.  I stopped weighing myself two months ago…  my clothes still fit the same, and I’m pretty sure I don’t eat the exact amount of calories every day.  I exercise about 5 days a week and I enjoy a variety of foods, ranging from salads to fries with cheese.  I haven’t lost or gained any substantial amount of weight.  I think my body is regulating itself and settling at the weight it’s supposed to be.  For me, eating so much that I’m sick isn’t healthy eating, but neither is not eating enough and feeling deprived all the time.  Everyone’s body is different, and I think it’s obvious that we are not all meant to be a size 2…or 4, or 8, or whatever.  I guess what I’m saying is that I need to accept myself as I am now(which doesn’t translate into an “eat whatever you want” strategy!), and stop trying to be someone I’m not.  With every passing day, I feel more and more freed from the obsession to lose weight, to be very thin, and to look perfect and beautiful at all times.  I’ve been thinking less about the way I look and more about who I am, what kind of person I am.  Believe me, it feels great to be breaking free of this!  I just know you can do it too…

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